Internal production

If you want to have an internal production, you can hire a student from the UM student video team. The team consists of experienced students, which will take care of the entire production process. The team is professionally coached and assisted by the department of Marketing & Communication. They will also arrange further reservation of equipment. Students from the UM student video team work via InterUM. The total costs for these kinds of productions usually are between €100-300. Example:

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Do you want to hire the UM student video team or do you want more information? Please contact us at: Please keep in mind that the UM student video team is not a professional video production company in the traditional sense. It is composed of dedicated students with skills in video creation. This in turn means that there is a small, nevertheless real risk of errors occurring during the process, which might include delays, missing files, and miscoordinations. With commissioning the video team you accept the risks involved. Please note that the student will work under your supervision and that guidance is required.

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Science Vision

Next to the UM student videoteam there is an alternative internal production company that you can hire. Science Vision is a multimedia service provider at the UM Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences. They provide state-of-the-art audio-visual facilities to clients within and outside the university. Their years of experience allow them to offer customer-oriented and affordable solutions for all of your media-related questions. Their services include filming documentaries and instructional videos, digitising video footage and broadcasting events live over the internet. Video conferencing and recordings using one or more cameras are also part of the possibilities on offer. Science Vision has facilities to suit a wide range of training programmes, including media training for politicians, managers and executives. For more information check out there website or contact them. Website: Contact: Phone: 043-3881595/ 06-54613677

External production

A production of a professional external company will guarantee good quality and less guidance from your side is needed. The costs of these kinds of productions depend on the assignment but a production usually costs more than €1000. Below you can find a list of third parties production companies.

Check our website to see the things we make and love. Website: Example: Click here Contact: Phone: 043-3255928
Website: Example: Click here Contact: Phone: 045-7503752
Yvette Bosch
Yvette Bosch is a filmmaker and photojournalist. She focuses on short documentaries, reports and press coverage: short video productions that are told with a creative look, telling a meaningful story. Yvette is also engaged in film production: the organisational side of filmmaking. Example: Click here Phone: 06 – 25242198
The strength of IN BEELD (“in images”) is that we work very closely with the client. Together, we make the core message clear. IN BEELD is characterized by effective simplicity and genuine interest in people and topics. Moreover, we write Content and Involvement with capital letters. Example: Click here Phone:06 – 14 47 14 89
Arthur Animaties
Your idea is explained in a clear and powerful way through catchy animation. Example: Click here Contact: Phone: 06 – 16531020
Paul Hanssen Media
Paul Hanssen makes films for the non-profit sector. Through his business he works for, among others, Maastricht University, Woonpunt and the Maastricht municipality. Website: Example: Click here Phone: 06 – 25223693
We are a choice for everyone that is not afraid to be unique, from companies to artists. No matter who you are, or where you’re from, we feel the realness. Website: Example: Click here Contact: Phone: +316-381 902 46
Story Experts
Story Experts passionately produces film, video and animation based on storytelling. Website: Example: Click here Contact: Phone: 06-14464069
Thinking outside the box allows you to start thinking across boundaries. Traveling and coming into contact with other cultures is a source of inspiration for us. We use these impressions and insights in visualising online and offline media. Website: Example: Click here Contact: Phone: 043 – 2010930